There is always an Audition Update about the time and venue of the Audition with the Project details at our official Facebook Page. Pls. Follow the advertisement and attend the Audition. Without Audition, there won’t be any opportunity. 

The most quick update you can get is through WhatsApp Group Update. You can ask Admin to join the group if there is any space still available.

Pls. fill up the form given in our website with your details and your interest. 


Before putting you in any film project, initially, its very difficult to know your capability if you don’t have name in the industry. For us, its important that you show your capability by taking part in our film project first, then you will be given that opportunity. 


No. We don’t charge anything from aspirant.

No. During any stage of our production, we don’t have any fee structure or charges.

That totally depends upon your capability. Every project need a Lead Actor, we do choose one of you who appear in the Audition. 

In other case, you can come up with your own project, finance it and play the lead.