Honest Mistake

Feature Film Project Audition
A love-stuck girl defying family wish marries her boyfriend who leaves her soon. Tuned away by own family now, she is compelled to face the harsh world reality where trust and love is very hard to come by and forced to play deadly game with the rogue players of the society.


Feature Film Project Audition

A Triangular Love Story where girl has dilemma in choosing the right one. 



Feature Film Project Audition
The world is peopled by two types- the manipulators and the manipulated. What seems like a simple case of extortion, cascades into a series of unexpected events – created by people who are not what they appear to be.


Feature Film Project Audition
In love with an exam-preparing boy, A solitary female ghost is compelled to solve all of his problems for the sake of her love, feeling hell-bent on knowing that the boy must repay her favors now by solving her only one particular problem.
perfect-valentine-gift-Film-Production-House-company-agency-delhi-actor-audition-models-casting-acting-actress-dance-delhi-cast-Getintofilm-Short-feature-Film-Series-noida-gurgaon-gurugram 1


Feature Film Project Audition

A rich youth Kabir kidnaps love of his life Alia this Valentine to his farm house to make her accept his love and to evade Police and his best friend Karan whom Alia loves.



Short Film Project Audition
Akhil works hard day and night to fulfill his dream career, cutting himself from family and all other physical things. In the end, when he gets success, he returns to his home to realize what all this success was for.


Short Film Project Audition
When a voter’s vote is bought with a wine bottle and 1000 Rs. note by an election candidate in a village, the story revolves around the aftermath of the emotional events; when he wins the election in his village.


Short Film Project Audition
A young boyfriend is frustrated with his dominating girlfriend creating a scene in a restaurant for ignoring her. The embarrassed guy loses cool and does something his girlfriend never expected.


Short Film Project Audition
A man provokes his wife by trying to take liberties with his lifestyle hoping to evoke her authoritarian attitude, which he adores.

A Cold Plan

Feature Film Project Audition
A young woman is taken hostage by two men and brought to an abandoned warehouse at night in a remote rural area. A call for extortion and ensuing turn of events is not exactly what the abductors, or for a matter of fact, anyone else had catered for.

Dekhna He is Running

Short Film Project Audition
Ranveer, a Professor, is a die hard, inveterate night runner, used to running along the roads of a Metropolitan City in India. He has an unexpected encounter with a menace on wheels. Subsequent events gradually lead to an escalation. A game of predator and prey ensues with Ranveer perceiving an eventual existential threat. What unfolds over succeeding nights is something totally unpredictable.
lipstick Film-Production-House-company-agency-delhi-actor-audition-models-casting-acting-actress-dance-delhi-cast-Getintofilm-Short-feature-Film-Series-noida-gurgaon-gurugram


Short Film Project Audition
A local guy kidnaps his crush, an urban smart girl, and holds captive at a solitary place just to force her accept his love proposal. The girl did something unexpected which gives her the honor that she truly deserve.

Get it off your chest

Short Film Project Audition
A thrilling suspense drama set in an upscale condominium located in a cosmopolitan city in India. A rich, young couple indulges in a fascinating and intense interplay of emotions. The night then plays out with unexpected twists and turns.
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