Volunteer Film Crew Opportunity

  • Apply to join our team as a Volunteer and put your creative skills to work as you work in multiple areas of the production process.
  • You will exercise your multitasking abilities as you assist in developing ideas, filming pieces and editing takes by performing any task required, whether it is handling the lighting, conducting research or running errands.
  • You will have the opportunity to build relationship in the industry to strengthen your chances of finding employment upon finishing your volunteer project while also having an amazing experience as part of our production staff.
  • Employ your organizational skills as you coordinate different aspects of the production to ensure that all aspects remain on time.
  • Duration of Volunteer work ranges from 2 days to 1-2 weeks depending upon the project you have been selected for. You will be briefed about all the duties and dates before joining for the selected project.
  • The Participant will get a Certificate from the Production House after successful completion of the volunteer work assigned to him and credit in the project for which he/she worked for or may be an IMDb.
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