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Become Instagram Influencer | YouTuber

“Being a Media Production Company, we are frequently asked if we have Social Media Influencer or any YouTuber who can promote their Products or Services in a Video.”

The Free Platform in Delhi NCR to provide facilities for becoming Social Media Influencer and later possibly job for you.
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What is Project Prius?

Project Prius is an initiative to provide aspiring Artist, Actor, Social Media Influencer, Youtuber, Video Maker etc. a suitable platform in becoming a successful Social Media Influencer or a YouTuber & achieve their career goals in Media Entertainment Industry and possibly crack few works for them.

Apply for this Week’s Evaluation Interview at Gurgaon Office
(DLF Phase 2, Near MG Road Metro Station)

There are two categories to apply in the application form.


If you are already a YouTuber or Social Media Influencer, apply with your details and after our team's positive evaluation, we connect you to the companies for work.


For Freshers who want to start this and want to establish themselves as a YouTuber, Instagram Influencer or Social Media Influencer.

Facilities provided to the selected candidates:

  • Our team consists of qualified creative writers who will write good video content subject of your preference.
  • The facility will plan and produce the video, where YOU act in it.
  • The facility will add your Facebook, Instagram profile links or any other social media profile links in the video for your promotion.
  • The facility will promote your video on various social media channels & other distribution outlets with your name and due credit.

The paid work will be provided when companies choose you for their product or service promotional videos.
Expected Payment: From 2K to 5K per day work.