Get the opportunity to shape your filmmaking skills in Delhi

Developing your Theoretical skills into Practical Knowledge could be the most important step you take as a Filmmaker.
When you do something with your own hands you remember better. That’s why Practical knowledge is paramount in any course u are having.
Even workshops and seminars offer practical knowledge along with potential opportunities to communicate with the experts in your field and establish your candidature. Every filmmaking event in Delhi will present a different opportunity and it’s up to you how you utilize it.
Network with the right people and give them a reason to remember you. provides a platform where you have the chance to create career opportunities and test your skills. Invest your college breaks into various filmmaking professional experiences not only to discover your interests and build your resume but also to imbibe knowledge on multiple subjects. weekly events are great places to give your career a head-start and weigh your options before landing in the actual corporate world. As gets multiple applications for joining in various filmmaking fields, an aspirant should also apply for selection and after selection to get involved to showcase your skill and grab the attention of all the right people.
During the initial interview talk with Sanjay Raj Sir (Creative Director), you can clear your doubts present at the event and later humbly approach to him for feedback. Sanjay Raj Sir is happy to help young minds and remember the gesture. And if you want more time for yourself, try to present an idea that you might be having. It’s possible that you can get an opportunity to participate in the current project with the production house (Film, Documentary, Web Series, Short Films etc.)

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