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Are you seeking to apply to join a specific film crew category or are you willing to apply for any opportunity in Getintofilm™ Film Production?


A newly qualified professional or a recent graduate gets practical experience in their academic stream subject.



An individual getting trained in the areas they want on an as-needed basis from Production Company.

Film Crew Job Category

Whenever necessary, Getintofilm™ Film Production recruit candidates for Feature Film Project.
Select the category that matches your job description and complete the form accordingly.


Currently working in the Bollywood or Hollywood film industry. You have already done multiple Feature Length Film Crew jobs that has already been released theatrically or major OTT Platform.


You have participated in several professional Film Crew projects, including at least one Feature Film project that was released on a major OTT streaming platform.


You have participated in at least a Feature Film Film Crew project, and your work has been released on YouTube or any OTT streaming site.


You want to be a part of Film Crew and don't have any Feature Film Credit yet. You need guidance from the senior team on how to work on a professional set.

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