in a Night Feature Film Cinematographer Prep

All in a Night - Feature Film

“The Past Never Forgives.”
A ll in a Night is a feature film directed by Sanjay Raj & written by Sooryakand Gaur.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

A young woman succeeds to ward off the threat to her married life posed by her criminal ex-boyfriend.

A night, the honor and prestige of a young woman living a happily married life gets on stake as her stubborn ex-boyfriend, who is now a hardcore criminal, is on the way to meet her while her husband too is returning from an official tour.
The woman is alone at her home and she can’t take anyone’s help as doing so would expose her pre-marital intimate relationship. She passes through a series of trauma and terror as her life hangs in balance through good and bad possibilities. Finally, she is able to gather her confidence back. She thwarts the threat and comes out victorious. Nobody gets to know about the incident and her secret remains a secret.

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